Meet the Team

We balanced our team by combining business and trafficking expertise to redefine and focus our vision on the art of the possible in fusing processes and technology to combat human trafficking.

Mary Adams

Mary Adams

After 25 years of working in management consulting, one charitable event opened my eyes and acted as a catalyst for a career change.

I am passionate about helping organizations disrupt the human trafficking business model using my business knowledge, ingenuity and determination to build sustainable resilience.

Paul F

Paul Fockens
Technical Innovator

All my life my passion has been to use technology for the improvement of business results. Now I am focused on using technology to eradicate Human Trafficking from our planet.

I am committed to make the invisible crime of Human Trafficking visible using all Human Intelligence available.

Jerrol Marten

Jerrol Marten
Human Trafficking Expert

As a past manager in various commercial positions focused on social work and probation services; I collaborate with colleagues and work with chain partners to tackle human trafficking in vulnerable groups in Dutch society.

I want to support organizations who help human trafficking victims and make it difficult for traffickers to exploit people for their own profit.