Conference Netherlands Digital

The second edition of the annual Nederland Digitaal Conference will take place from 8 to 10 February 2021. It is a ‘digital’ only event and will be organized in collaboration with network organization. The conference is organized by three ministries: the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK), the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and the Ministry of Justice and Security (JenV) in collaboration with ECP | Platform for the Information Society.

The Dutch Digitization Strategy Collaboration is comprised of companies, governments, knowledge institutions and social organizations to focus on opportunities and challenges in a digital economy. The strategy ambition includes:

  • Lead the way and seize opportunities
  • Everyone participates and we work together
  • Confidence in the digital future

Sustainable Rescue Foundation is proud to take part in the conference to demonstrate  how human trafficking impacts society and the economy. Our discussion will highlight how Data Science can make human trafficking activities more visible by using the Data Sharing Coalition building blocks for trust networks, FAIR Data Principles, Artificial Intelligence, transaction monitoring, and entity resolution. Our roundtable discussion will include the impact of technology to develop an integrated view of criminal activities and victim vulnerabilities. Our roundtable will include: Web IQ, Business Forensics, GO FAIR, Knights Analytics, Data Sharing Coalition, and the Financial Expertise Centrum.

Sustainable Rescue Foundation will moderate a roundtable on Data Science Against Human trafficking on 9 February,2021 at 16:00 CET.  Click to Register